Our Crafts

Leaded Lights

We are specialists in the restoration of Victorian, Edwardian and arts & crafts leaded lights.

Equally, we excel in designing new lights in both contemporary and traditional designs.

We source antique glass from all over the UK and Europe to use the best matches and most stunning glass in our work.

We carry out the smallest of in situ repairs to full workshop refurbishments and re leading.

Stained Glass

Our glass artist is a specialist in kiln fired glass painting and as such is an Associate Member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters.

Equally gifted in the production of contemporary architectural stained glass and the restoration of traditional stained glass, she creates artwork of the highest order to match any style or period.

We carry out the smallest of in situ repairs to full workshop refurbishments and re leading.

Brilliant Cutting

Brilliant cutting is the art of cutting designs and lettering into glass using a stone wheel. It is traditionally seen in Victorian public houses in windows and mirrors.

Brilliant cutting is usually used in conjunction with other techniques such as acid etching, gold leafing or sandblasting to create decorative panels. The reverse side of the glass can be silvered to turn the decorative panel into a mirror.

To produce a brilliant cut panel, firstly the design is established, before this is drawn onto the glass. It is then cut using the correct profile stone before being polished with a wooden wheel and pumice, to smoothen the cut. The final polish is then applied with a felt wheel and polishing powder.

The cuts refract light and appear brighter than the surrounding panel.

We carry out the smallest of in situ repairs to full workshop refurbishments and re leading.

Acid Etching

Acid etching is the craft of burning designs into glass using acid.

Once a design is established it is then copied onto lead foil before being cut out. This is then stuck to the glass to mask the areas that are not to be affected.

The relevant acid tone is then applied to the exposed areas and left “under acid” whilst it is taking affect. The longer the acid is left, the deeper it will burn into the glass.

One or several acid tones can be used in a design. In total we can produce twelve different finishes in acid.

Acid etching is equally impressive in traditional and contemporary designs.


We can encapsulate existing or new leaded lights into sealed triple glazed units. The simplest way to describe this is that the leaded light or stained glass is suspended inside a double glazed unit.

When encapsulating existing leaded lights, we take the opportunity to clean the glass and lead before polishing the lead black.

Encapsulations bring increased energy efficiency, increase safety, are easier to clean and can reduce noise penetration.

The encapsulations can be enhanced by:

  • Toughened or laminate safety glass externally and/or internally to increase security further
  • Low-E glass and warm edge spacer bar to increase the energy performance of the unit
  • Acoustic laminate glass to add acoustic insulation

Polycarbonate Protection

We are specialists in fitting polycarbonate protection to stone, wood and metal frames in order to protect decorative glazing.

We only use UV coated polycarbonate, which is guaranteed not to deteriorate over time. Historically polycarbonate protection turned yellow or was fitted as obscure, this is no longer the case.

We have designed and manufactured our own stainless steel clips which provide a secure fastening whilst having minimal profile. These, along with stainless steel screws, ensure that no corrosion will occur with time.

We only use 6, 8 &10mm polycarbonate, preferring to use the thickest possible to minimise the sheet waving. This is secured to the nearest perpendicular mullion face to the glass to reduce its impact.

Heritage Glazing

We are skilled in the mixing and application of traditional glazing compounds and frame sealants.

These include Burnt Sand Mastic, Linseed Oil Putty and Lime Mortar using both river-washed sand and crushed stone.

We use these where appropriate to fit our work seamlessly into listed buildings.


We can manufacture and install metal grilles as protection to decorative glazing.

Polyester powder coated stainless steel grilles are made and attached using stainless steel fixings.

Blown Glass

We utilise mouth blown cylinder antique glass from the few remaining manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

The sheets come variegated in colour and depth, this along with the seeds, reams and imperfections creates a stunning material to work with.

We use this to enhance leaded lights and also in conjunction with kiln fired hand painting in larger stained glass projects.

Bespoke Wooden Frames

We work closely with two joinery manufacturing companies to produce bespoke hardwood window frames and doors of the highest quality using traditional techniques.

Frame profiles and mouldings are made to match existing specification or customer plans.

FSC timber is used to produce frames of any configuration or section.

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