Didsbury Baptist Church

In categories: Ecclesiastical

Polyester powder-coated metal frames along with high specification double glazed units were designed and manufactured for six windows at the church.

Two factors made this scheme require a bespoke solution. Firstly, the gothic heads prevented standard metal frame sections from being used, as they could not be shaped to the tight curves. Secondly, the frames required a fixed outer double glazed unit, with an opening internal frame to take a second piece of glazing. This would give the client the option to add decorative glass in the future should they wish.

The result was a frame section that was designed specifically for the contract.

Individual templates were then created for each opening and the frames were laser cut to create the precise shapes.

Toughened and Laminate glass was used for additional security, again being laser cut due to the complexity of the templates. Black glass was used was used for the internal pane where false walls featured internally.

Burnt sand mastic was used to seal the frames to the terracotta brick work. This traditional method blends the new frames into the century old building.