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Stockport Story Museum

When Stockport Sunday School was demolished in the 1970s, Stockport Museum Service agreed to care for the main stained glass window previously located in Centenary Hall.

It was not until thirty years later and the opening of The Stockport Story Museum, that the funds were raised to restore the magnificent window. To learn more about the Stockport Story Museum, please visit

Once in our workshop, rubbings and drawings were created of the existing panel.  From here it was stripped of the old lead and the individual panes of painted glass cleaned in de-ionised water.  Broken panes were replicated with hand painted kiln fired artwork on matching glass types.

Finally, it was re-leaded using lead of matching profile and dimension to that originally used.

Stockport Museum Service produced a wooden frame, painted black, for the glass to be fitted to in its new home. When back-lit this shows off the brilliant, bright colours of the window in all their glory.