Public Buildings

Dewsbury Town Hall

In 2010 Dewsbury Town Hall underwent a large restoration scheme.  Internally twenty eight leaded lights were removed for restoration in our workshop along with five stained glass panels. Some required fully re-building whilst others were only partially re-built. In both cases several generations of previous poor glass repairs were removed and replaced with glass of appropriate texture and colour.

One of the first floor stained glass windows was subject to previous painted repairs that had not been kiln fired.  Here the paint was peeling off and the design had been lost.  Our artist created over twenty pieces that seamlessly completed the window.

The Wakefield Road entrance canopy was restored at the same time.  Over one hundred and fifty pieces of broken glass were replaced and three of the five panels were fully re-built.

In-situ repairs were also undertaken to the stained glass window over the main staircase. Here we had to carefully remove the damaged pieces from the window and return them to our workshop to be replicated.

These were then re-inserted into the window from the outside so that the lead came looked untouched when viewed internally. In-situ cleaning of all of the remaining stained glass was also undertaken, both internally and externally, using de-ionised water.